Al Hoceima

Al-Hoceima is a riffian city located in the Rif region, north of Morocco (Region: Tangier - Tetouan - Al-Hoceima). The majority of inhabitants speak the Amazigh language, and has a population of around 57.000.

Al-Hoceima is one of the largest seaside cities in North Africa. Many small islands and rocky islets are located near the city. Al Hoceima is best known for its magnificent Mediterranean beaches (Quemado, Sfiha, Calabonita, Tara Youssef, Cala Iris, Matadero, Imoud, Izdi, Sswani, Spalmadiro, Boussekkour, etcetera).

Al-Hoceima is also a typical tourist destination, with it’s beautiful coast, beaches, souks and climate. The city attracts tourists who come for the quality of its beaches, the Moroccan/Amazigh hospitality and the national park with it's rich variety in flora and fauna. Among the trees of the forest regions are pines, hurdles, cedars and others. Al-Hoceima brings together all the positive conditions for the practice of hunting and fishing as well as all other water sports. Fish remain the distinctive and specific dishes of the region. They are appreciated for their delicious taste.

The city's climate is a Mediterranean climate with temperatures ranging between 10° C and 30° C.