Religion in Morocco

A nation is nothing without its people, their lifestyles and their beliefs, and Morocco is not an exception. In fact, its rich culture and the strength of Moroccan faith reflect in the overall beauty of the nation, making it even more attractive to the tourists. The Culture of Morocco comprises of the religion in Morocco, because they are strongly influenced by their religious faiths.

The official Morocco religion is Islam and a majority of the Moroccan population comprises of Sunni Muslims of the ‘Maliki’ religious rite. Although freedom of religious faith is a permitted by the Moroccan law, there are very few non-Muslims dwelling in the country.

The Alawite Dynasty, the royalty of Morocco, has held the reign of Morocco from as early as the 17th Century. Since then, the Moroccans have highly respected the royal family, especially because of the fact that they originate from the lineage of the Prophet. Thus indicating how much the people are stirred by the religion in Morocco.

Apart from this the, Moroccan religion also has a role to play in the law and order of the country. In the constitution, Morocco has been described as a Muslim nation and the king is referred to as ‘Amir El Mouminin’, or leader of the faithful. Islam in Morocco acts as an invisible force binding the people together. The Moroccans respect the ‘Koran’ as their religious book and all the descendents of the prophet. They also consider the ‘Mosque’ as their centre of worship and there are several exquisite Mosques all over the country.

Apart from Islam, the other religious faiths in Morocco are Christianity and Judaisim, but they are a minority.