Fez is one of the popular imperial cities in Morocco and the second-largest city after Casablanca. Fez was a former capital, cultural and economic hub in Morocco. The ancient city boasts a mixture of Arab, Amazigh, and Andalus heritage that can be clearly seen in its impressive sites, buildings, and architecture.

Fez is located in the far north-east of the Kingdom of Morocco and was founded on January 4 year 808 AD / 182 AH at the hands of Idris I, who made ​​it the capital of the state Idrisid in Morocco. In the year 2008 the city celebrated her 1200’s birthday.

Fez was chosen as one of the World Heritage Sites by UNESCO in 1981. The ancient city of Fez has the largest area, free from vehicles and cars in the world, and that has not changed since the twelfth century.
It is the largest ancient city in the world and is considered as one of the capitals of the Arab-Muslim culture next to Damascus and Baghdad.