Ifrane city is located in the Middle Atlas region of Morocco, between Fez and Marrakesh, with a population of 73,782 ( Nov 2014), and located at an elevation of about 5,400 feet (1,650 meters) above sea level. It was founded in 1929.

Ifrane is one of the most touristic places in the country. It is called “the Switzerland of Morocco” and it is known for its lower temperatures, distinctive architecture, various landscapes, lakes and streams, and varied outdoor pursuits.

Ifrane was built during the French protectorate as a hill station. Affected by French culture, the buildings were designed in a similar style to French Alpine villages. The plants and trees were also imported to give a European feel to the city. The name Ifrane means caves and is taken from the local Amazigh language, Tamazight.

Because of its location, Ifrane has an oceanic climate where it is affected by the cold north Atlantic temperature. It changes from cold winters to warm summers. The city also witnesses snowfalls starting as early as October and lasts till spring season.

Ifrane's biodiversity is unique. Its fauna and flora contain rare yet mostly endangered species. Animals to be found in the vicinity include the threatened Barbary macaque, the Golden Jackal and The Caracal.